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Listen To Your Heart and Follow

    ***This song is so special to me and this message came at such a pivotal point in my life. I was in Spain diving deep in a sound healing intensive for two weeks. I was magically invited there by a beautiful angel in my life, Dawna Phillips. We were working with sound and vibration for hours and hours in the day and my level of sensitivity to subtlety, my intuition, and openness to other portals was dramatically increased. I was having prophetic dreams of the fires coming to California and entering into spaces where the “reality” and the “dream-time” were beginning to muddle together. Throughout all of this, I was going through layers of doubt and uncertainty in the projection of my life; feeling a bit un-rooted and there was this moment where I was outside with my bare feet in the earth, making prayers and offerings and asking Spirit for some direction. That was when the melody and words came through: “Listen To Your heart and Follow, Listen To Your Heart and Follow, Listen To Your Heart and Follow”. And I moved into this beautiful space of feeling the power of what it is to truly LISTEN to the wisdom and intelligence of the heart. Knowing that when we make decisions that are in alignment with the beckonings of our hearts desires, that we are ALWAYS fully supported. And even though it can be scary to take the leaps that are required, that we can TRUST the beautiful DIVINE ORCHESTRA that is always at play, and that we will never be lead astray….. And sometimes all it takes is one deep breathe to TUNE IN. After that moment, I grabbed my guitar and the lyrics for the full song flowed through instantly, along with my prayers that this knowledge, this remembrance, this wisdom be inherent in all future generations and all that walk this Earth. ****

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