Larisa Gosla has travelled the world sharing her gifts and music for over a decade. With her first solo at 5 years old, she grew up with a strong knowing that singing was just simply what she came here to do. 

A captivating and magnetic songwriter, she pulls you in with her heart based lyrics and angelic frequencies. 

She recently just released her second solo album titled “I Remember” where the collection of songs embody the elements of grace and unconditional love. She is honored to have Max Ribner from Medicine for The People joining her on “One Heart, One Tribe” where she sings about her passion for the earth and her people uniting as one. Her song “Blessing” weaves the tenderness of unconditional love, “Goodbye Old Me” of letting go of old identity, and “I Remember” speaking to the deep connection of remembering the self as all of life. 

She also recently collaborated with a producer from Argentina, Mato, on a song called “The Other Side” which is playing on radio stations across Latin America. 

Besides music, Larisa also offers Transformational Vocal Coaching Programs and Mentorship,  “Vocal Resonance”, where she fuses her years of professional experience and training, hypnotherapy, sound healing, and coaching into one program designed to empower others to have a joyous, confident, liberated, and loving relationship with their vocal expression. 

She also writes Custom Songs for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, transitions, as a gift to a family or friend, or a "soul song" for your own personal journey.  

She is currently in the process of crowdfunding for her 3rd Album, CEREMONY. Stay tuned for how to contribute!

In the meantime, to receive all of her content and music first, you can sign up for her Patreon where she delivers music, music videos, sound healings and guided meditations, song tutorials, blogs, and more!

Sound Healing and Concert Gig for a Birthday